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“Nature’s Imperfection is its Greatest Merit”


“Flaw Law Observations”

“Unfinished Book Projects”

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Title History:

  1. Natural City Pagan (philosophical and not scientific)
  2. Natural Flaw Imbued (repurposed as scientific, and made religion neutral)
  3. Natural Flaw Factor
  4. Flaw Law Observations (repurposed toward building new Natural Law proposals, principles, and considerations)
  5. Flaw Law Insights
  6. Flaw Law Series (book organizational structure, replacing posts)
  7. Flaw Law Selections
  8. Flaw Law Observations

Domain Name History:

  1. NaturalCityPagan.com
  2. NaturalFlawImbued.com
  3. NaturalFlawFactor.com
  4. FlawLawObservations.com

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  2. Magizinely
  3. Gutenshop
  4. Writy
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  7. Asthir Pro

Writing Efforts on Four Book Projects

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  • Online Referenceable
  • Open to Inspection while under Somewhat Chaotic Edit, for Visitor and Peer Scientist Commentary Review Potential
  • Presentation of Draft or Polished Selections (Books) is a commercial trade topics authorship endeavor, while in small professional business operation, to conduct trade in the service rendered by this website, via advertisement monetization, subscriber membership fee, and/or optional appreciation payments for having provided the analyses, teachings, and resultant Natural Law Proposals and Principles

By Patrick L. Cheatham

  • Sole Proprietor and Personal Media Artist
  • Natural Law Explorative Studies and Elucidations begun with “Chasing Nature” project, in 2004
  • Scientific Credentials include United States Air Force Academy B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering 1987, The George Washington University M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering 1989, and U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training 1991
  • Scientific Experiences include: middle school hobby advanced model rocketry; senior high school elective Engineering Drawing of machining instructions for fabrication, and of transforms, rotations, and projections; aircraft inlet and exhaust nozzle fuselage integration specialist at the Airframe Propulsion Integration Group of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; and regular personal recreational study of advanced physics topics, geometry topics, geological topics, mathematics topics, software engineering topics, biology topics, astronomy topics, and neuroscience topics.
  • LinkedIn profile: https://linkedin.com/in/cheathampatrick
  • Standalone Articles on Various Subjects: https://patrickleecheatham.medium.com

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