artist's depiction of the sun beyond the planet from outer space

Radiation in Biological Life

artist's depiction of the sun beyond the planet from outer space
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Every star, like our sun, radiates radiation of many frequencies/wavelengths, and not just what we humans can notice of rainbow visible radiation, via the limitations of our retinas naturally imperfect and not omni powerful ability to convert what flows through the eyes into signal propagation in our brains.

In contemporary global culture, there is as of the 21st Century teens decade, a lack of understanding of radiation in our lives. Culturally, there is much concern and complaint about radiation and emission sources from outside our bodies, seemingly fearing this radiation to be somehow intrinsically harmful, by its very nature, which it is not, by any means. It is fully natural phenomenon, and is the nature of nature.

Radiation at radio frequencies, though not noticeable via our eyes, fills the biosphere of our planet, day and night. Daytime radio radiation primarily comes from our sun, and permeates our bodies, flowing naturally within. Nighttime since the early 20th Century, has featured more than previous amounts of direct nearby radio frequency filling and permeation of all zones of the biosphere (after sunset and before sunrise, if near enough to manmade equipment). Since then, the night side of the planet has been here and there accented and boosted with radiation sources such as AM/FM/TV towers, microwave radio relay towers, mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi gateways, smartphone adapters, laptop adapters, emergency service personal and automobile radios, and citizen band radios, plus more, all emitting light or radiation that we are unable to notice, visually.

However, the biggest surprise might follow:

We humans also emit radiation, across a spectrum of many radio category frequencies, to include similar frequency spans known to the reader from various technological sources, from our central and peripheral nervous systems especially. It is a side effect of biological life being moist and conductive of charge, and having cellular factories performing Krebs’s cycle metabolism, in all categories of our human biological cells, in every anatomical system, but especially in our brains plus spinal cords (central nervous) and nerves (peripheral nervous) systems. This radiation is noticeable to detection equipment as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta categorized waves, from each human brain.

stock agency illustration

This is often termed the human biofield in more alternative holism considerations. However, it is a scientific reality worthy of note and displaying alternative savvy, regardless of what a person’s stance is regarding those alternative sources, rather than just those culturally neutral. In contrast, much about brain waves has been studied and documented.

However, graphs and depictions by illustrators incorrectly misguide, by inferred suggestive features, the studier of these phenomena on several factors. To better understand these brain waves and the field of which they emit radiation, consider maybe that the emanations are fully 3 dimensional, are generally radially distributed around centroid in the 2D notion of concentrically, and also are of levels of power (being real-time energy flow) inversely proportional with range away from brain position. Also, there is a common error of overlooking brain waves ongoing existence in concert with exterior sources of radio frequencies such as sunshine radio, plus more that fills the same geometric regions as brain shape and exterior, and thus the existence of these brain waves is often erroneously analyzed in a void that is untrue to reality in nature. Equipment to measure is often tuned deliberately to disregard or ignore other natural radiation behaviors, for purposes of isolating information, but this is counterintuitive to real lifeforms existing only in real-time concert with their environments. Closing on the topic of misguidance by way of graphical depictions and graphs, whether of artistically embellished subtlety wise to the nature of brain waves or not, ultimately many graphical illustrations just do not do well, especially when depicted as oscilloscope graphs in 2 dimensions.

Agreeability with radio (or wireless) sources of invisible touch and overlap with our human biological bodies could ease our concerns about radiation in general. Radiation is rarely radioactive: such as is uranium, plutonium, and radium.

To illustrate more on the issue of our human limitations at seeing only visible light, biological life evolutionary limited powers are somewhat akin to hardware technological limited powers in degree and applications: and even hardware cannot be designed via which every frequency/wavelength of radiation/light can be detected or measured, for any measurement of useful or novel application. No scientific equipment, to my knowledge, has the capability to measure with fidelity the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and that stands as a reasonable explanation as to why such equipment for astronomical and microscopic detection all differs and must be custom designed, and by nature must focus hardware design uniquely and specific to task, for each application of electromagnetic sensitivity. Thus also might be considered what I adopt personally to be the happenstance evolved human retinal, eyeball, and brain “technology.”

Another surprising implied reality about human and animal brain tissue, is that after visible light (in addition to many radio frequencies) flows through eyeballs, and initiating at each eyeballs back retina, comprised of brain tissue, it is actually signal of real-time power that is flowing through neuron lattices through optic nerve bundles, then flowing through brain anatomy, with some effects generating visible image, some effects of actual graphical pattern absorption into neuron persistent storage memory, held to be based in cellular DNA strands, plus associated pattern of associated brain activity reactions due to the signal flow that is not visual imagery but associated relating effects in other brain anatomy.

Thus, the beauty is that graphical memory, when pulled into imaginary inner-projection, is actually based on real energy-flow power processing through neuron lattices, and that the basis of the memory that could later be recalled in a similar matter, is cellular structures of each neuron cell, comprised of many subcellular subcomponents, each actually much larger than its chemical fiber and also much larger than the neurotransmitters propagated across truly amazingly miniscule gaps between synapses, as compared to the subcellular biological cell life inside the interior of each neuron brain cell. Thus, our memory capacity to our human and animal brains, is both physical, in “persistent storage” DNA strands, and the power of each human and animal brain is truly physical neuroelectric power flowing through the input zones of neuron to exit the output zones (at dendrites and axon-dendrites). This might prompt some readers to feel somewhat more real and bio-technological just as the surrounding nature we live in.

About the author

Patrick Lee Cheatham is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain, a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, and is presently a self-employed solopreneur, as Media Artist for Talon 38 Personal Media Single Member Limited Liability Company (SM-LLC). Patrick’s personally valued and enjoyed activities are quite varied, yet nearly all coalesce in some manner, and at some time phases, with heavy desktop personal internet client computer usage, and with continual self-invested sense of eventual delivery of authored media to others for their enjoyment, empowerment, or valued utility. Patrick remains responsible to his officer oath of office, as do all retirees. He possesses the U.S. Air Force Research and Development badge, and the U.S Air Force Pilot badge, from service as an airframe-propulsion integration engineer, and as an F-15E evaluator pilot.