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Power as Ubiquitous

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Language Terms Instant Immersion

Power is often considered an over-intensity word, socially. However, energy and work numerical accounting totals are decoupled from real-time, to total over time energy flow through systems, or total energy in potential waiting (such as calories in food and beverage). As decoupled from real-time, energy and work numbers, in storage total or in time period total, are forecasting or accounting abstractions, rather than existing in real-time as energy in flow. In the moment of real-time, continually changing, all energy in reality is by analogy only, “pseudo-alive” only while real-time flowing.

Thus, in reality, there is only “power” to this universe, as “energy in flow and in action.”

Muscles move with “power”. Hearts beat with “power”. Brains propagate inflective and imparting signaling with “power”.

Inert matter heat transfer with variable and flowing “rate” is power, or heat transfer in flow. Even a parking lot area with some cars empty of persons, would thus involve a great deal of power, or energy flow in action, strictly by the heat transfer mechanisms. Heat is action, like pure verb, and not noun or matter. In the notional parking lot area, all solid, liquid, and gaseous matter would continually be engaging in heat-transfer flow as in-the-moment, over daily periods, heating and cooling occurs not only from-or-to cars and asphalt and air mass areas, but in great detail nuance in between car parts, each of slightly different reactivity to air thermal transfer convection, solid thermal conduction, and especially from the skies: radiant heating from sunshine and few other sources.

Radiation from sunshine and other radio sources also is involved in power flow through air of skies, and ether of space. Other than in electricity, biology, and nuclear reactions, then the power dance of this universe is primarily left to , radiation inductive excitation, and heat transfer: conduction, and convection, with radiative heating actually being a crossover mechanism in conversion from radiation inductive excitation into true heat “transfer” mechanisms: thence onward to matter: conduction and convection.

The phonics of the word “power” may prompt some justifiable concern, as to social leverage overpower or underpower, but the reality of “scientific power”, is that it is a very “literal” term, and literally: our human bodies are full of biological power flow at all times while alive.

As to the term “literal,” reasonable yet imperfect success at literal wording builds referential integrity.

Note: To read, write, say, hear, or think literally, often involves the wording being very discerningly descriptive of just how some phenomenon does operate, more attuned to avoid accidentally misleading wording than attuned to attain compelling wording, and more attuned to allow for elucidation (sometimes poorly termed verbosity) than to aim for conciseness. Concise versions are better suited for headers and titles.

Often no phrase or heading could do what a more lengthy and bulky set of sentences could convey, in the stead of concise titles and equations. The length and bulk of textbook chapters comes to mind.

Quality of Living, Mental Absorbtion Technique

It is a matter left to the reader, to feel if those ideas and theories are noticed to be self-to-self compelling or self-worthy of merit, after which a quick switch to other aspects of living ones life can be made, better enabling notions to soak in ambiently.

Note: Honing in, the term “scientifically literally” could be self-revised to most often imply that the word-double term is tightly tied to natural processes, in our English language and in our brain internal operations.

Digressing Haphazardly concerning Language

Long ago, a friend of minor fluency in the English language, and only adept truly at a Romance language, mentioned to me that he could actually think up particular thoughts and ideas with English that he could not have psychologically done in his native language. I conclude that the English language is of such flexibility and context-dependent and context-defending adjustability, that if having learned the English language in adequate context to model human considerations and behaviors, then it matches internal tone of thought and consideration fairly well.

Power Refers to System Behaviors better than Work does not

Earlier at the very beginning of this essay, I began with a salvo of types of power to which we could relate. In many pre-adult education programs, scientific principles of work and power belong to some, if not most, curriculums.

Note: Summarizing from my engineering perspective, “Work” is real-time-disregarding applied energy, though it does well regard total eventual result of dissimilarly applied actions, with similar results in space, and with dissimilar results in timing of ends.

Thus, work is much like natural power flow, yet it has its trick of description and categorization in that it cares not for the details of what degree or intensity of applied effort at a particular moment or in a particular way. The same amount of work might be applied at differing rates of attaining the resultant complete step, so long as the ends do seemingly match in result. In the 0.29 millisecond time’s-thickness of our always with us current-moment, the United States public education high school teacher’s work exercises’ time-distributions differ, and are somewhat contrary on timespan plotting axis. The different result manifests to consideration in the manner in which two 100-meter sprinters run, in a very simplified model of human body factors, the seeming “gravity disregarding purely horizontal” similar amount of work done. Yet order of time finish is always pertinent to results.

Considering Anything in Any of the Sciences – Dependent Fully on Abstractions and Extrapolations, yet with no Tool Usage Guidance Taught

Work is a beneficial and applicable abstraction away from real power in real-time play, for any of us to have the ability to in real-time step-back as we reach into our own brains for contrasting memory of interrelation principles of how all observed objects and expanses and lifeforms have behaved, from our lives while living them, our personal experience, when having personal inclination to spend only so many seconds in consideration, explanation, and textual, verbal, or graphical illustration, that of course by nature must be divested from real-time. When I mention that a concept referring to a “phenomenon mechanism behavior accounting scientific tool” that is no negative criticism. In later essays of this blog, I do plan to investigate for purposes of discerning into differing categories of abstraction to these accounting “consideration mental thought tools.” The goal of such effort would be to assess application limitations, and list misleading effects of using them out of applicability range. Sometimes using abstractions or extrapolations, without attending to applicability range out-of-bounds pitfalls, can wreak havoc in the sciences and in commercial trade engineering design and manufacture of just about anything we all utilize in our lives.

Energy is for Accounting of Totals in Time Periods, or for Referring to Total Stored Amount

Energy is a further abstraction, and the term enables us to compare overall time-spanning results, without having to be objective, which would be to foolishly attempt to be the very detailed object of which we subjectively regard or attend to. Instead the person having interest in energy could decouple real-time power flow rates from being tied to actual activity, and sum up either energy used over time period designated subjectively, or to sum up total stored energy imbued in natural resources, such as coal bins, fuel tanks, and food and beverage packages, cans, or bottles.

// To be continued and/or expanded //

Gladly, these abstractions are available for us to use in our thinking, as they need not be so intimately tied to the moment to convey potentials available – of timespan-totaled energy – or totals expended, averaged over durations – of timespan-totaled energy.

// To be continued and/or expanded //

Human Cellular Power Plants

Every animal and human cell structure, of any anatomical system, generates power via what is sometimes termed the “Krebs’s Cycle” of cellular metabolism. The prime products and byproducts of this process are nutritional maintenance powers, warmth generation powers, plus other powers specific to whereabouts in detail in a given human body. For example, there are contraction powers (in the case of muscle cells), and there are neuron-electric powers (in the case of nervous cells), such as in brains and in peripheral nervous systems.

True Power defies Lockdown

Horsepower in a driving vehicle, not on a very evenly graded and continually similar grade, varies continually with increases and decreases in grade, throttle control, brake control, steering control, and air drag effects, predominantly.

Continually of Variability against Perfect Constancy

That continual variation in power input/output, or better put, flow-through, could be in notion worked with mentally down to very small fractions of milliseconds, and though a short or long sequence of such time-ordered increments of time measurement might very well be effectively the same for our driving purposes, to flaw natural law theory they cannot be identical to the noun scale of atoms, nor the verb scale of molecular motion. The idea is that two or more items so very much alike, must at some degree of precision short of nonsense infinite precision, slip away from perfectly identical. Perfectly identicality is defied as a start by slightly differing positions and fully differing material substance of which comprised, even if of the same categorical type.

Energy as a Useful Accounting Tool

Power is always tied intimately in the moment, to degree of intensity or effort (comprehendible also, in contrary or opposing ways, but in so doing thwarting convention) with energy actively and presently varying, at least to some minutia unrecognizable on instrument gauges. In contrast, the term “energy” refers to a more nebulous conceptual modelling of what does happen, and it can be divested of its real-time present rate of “flow-through”, better put than “consumption”, and be used as a reference notion/term to refer at least notionally to the kilocalories of stored chemical energy in the kitchen food and beverage reserve, at a given juncture between eating or drinking operations, and/or shopping operations, at when that resource total lowers or rises from reference quantity qualitative assessing. Energy, as an accounting tool, and no measure, can also be used to sum over time the actual “power” utilized and measurable, for example to: billing months.

Electric, Electronic, Electricity, and Electrical

For terminology, or naming, conventions, it has come to mind that these four words depicted above and before, have the influence to make some difference in the brains of the listener, and in the conveyor of conversational output, at any given sliver of a moment. Electric devices often have magnetic induction pickups, such as an electric guitar. Electricity is a terms which has the suffix -city, and seems most often associated with alternating current power flow infrastructures at the municipality scope of locale. Electronic devices typically refer to those which operate on direct current power flow interstructures. Electrical seems to mostly indicate componentry or tools involved with electricity or electronic design, manufacture, or repair.

// To be adjusted for smoother delivery of concepts, spelling and grammar, untightening of dense packaging of concepts - done initially to begin with coherence among multiple factors, better readability, and/or better tone of demeanor 
and mood at implied benefits and implied beauties of nature: 
human - machine - suburban - and wilderness natures. //

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