To my beliefs, and to my later position put forth in this essay project Flaw Law Observations weblog, the future for all of us on planet Earth is far more unpredictable and unforecastable, even to mere hours ahead of us, than could to me maybe be very commonly considered.

This unpredictability ahead prompted me to honor several realities regarding my authorship of essays and later books, which then drove my choice to write with openness, and publish on the go revisions often for this blog, regardless of several pitfalls to that technique.

Small Moments on the Road Ahead

To my surprise, upon considering some thought explorations (sometimes termed thought experiments), I arrived at illustrative scenarios which were compelling to me and suggestive that major life features to our future situations, such as far off future major living partners, far off health status, and far off vocational career roles, plus far off worldwide happenings of notability, are actually maybe the most sensitive to fine-detailed words spoken and precise timings of arrivals and departures through doors and entry ways, and that being continual and more greatly predominant in sway upon our futures, than would be a notion of strictly sensitivity only to major or even moderately significant events.

The road ahead toward the near and far future, through unpredictable conditions
wilderness road under cloudy skies (stock agency photograph)

That standard best first notion that I had formerly been led to by mere default, and never had been led to consider, until leading myself. That same notion of event sensitivity swaying upon future events seems likely to me to be the norm in contemporary society and culture of the United States, seemingly with only likely a rare few of other consideration.

Hazards Common to Creators

A creator’s life, workflow, motivators, and reinforcers always have an array of factors that act detrimentally as hazards to the creative process and flow of products to customers. Some of these motivators and hazards are little understood by those who are not creators of content. Creators of content include developers of software, musical artists, illustrative artists, photographers, and authors of writings, to list four of many more types of creative work. I qualify for all four listed, and below the reader is provided with sensible explanation of these factors to the content creator’s lifestyle.

My company activities are entirely toward publishing: software apps, music, photography, graphic designs, blogs of essays, and possibly later: books. My personally valued and enjoyed activities are quite varied, yet nearly all coalesce in some manner, and at some time phases, with heavy desktop personal internet client computer usage, and with continual self-invested sense of eventual delivery of authored media to others for their enjoyment, empowerment, or valued utility.

musician digital audio workstation software and hardware audio interface
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My companies stability, inheritability, inexpensive sustainability, administrative integrity, and viability have as of August 2020 developed stronger. Then in September of 2020 my musician production rekindled, while music income prospects seemed enough on the rise to further a more financially and activity flexible life and workstyle much better supportive of my company.

However, until at least the beginning of 2021, there is little likelihood of significant income for my company in total, from any of my products published thus far. Yet I have established myself and my company well with an app store software title up for sale, and with four music releases available on most digital music streaming services, though these presently are generating very meager yearly income, due to possessing nearly no marketing funds.

drive for pleasing others with products of effort (stock agency illustration)

Currently financial compensation can be no driver, nor facilitator, of my operations. My main and only available self-driver is contribution toward immediate future consumers, as personal monetary benefit is not yet available, nor imminent. If I were to become deceased before the many years required to develop these essays well enough for final book publishing, all would be for naught, unless I leverage the blog format.

A conventional book writer is writing hundreds to thousands of hours merely on prospects that his or her book will publish to fulfill the author’s drive to contribute to readers something of merit, and with no real contribution done with that drive until the very most end. This reality is a force of reality upon me as of this year 2020, and had formerly shut down former book writing efforts in this same vein in 2004.

This hindrance while authoring in a long established and societally condoned method toward paper bound publishing, involves exerting a great deal of effort in a tremendously lengthy process in days, even when in early stages of cloistered book authorship. For any author of any book project, this places authorship efforts in a virtual isolated void of purpose fulfillment, in any way that could sustain author hourly drive in the now, real-time.

Leveraging the Blog Format

To handle this pitfall of the isolated writer, I have switched into published Open-View-Editing style with this blog, to fulfill my motivators toward contribution of ideas, by way of having this blog prepared to last many decades in the future, in whatever condition any future accident might leave it in.

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Risks of Writing Transparently

Mixing rough draft editing with brainstorming transparently to global scrutiny, carries the obvious risk of my rough brainstorming very poorly written prose, while still under initial development, not painting favorably on who I seem to be.

high performance glider in flight (stock agency photograph)

The less obvious risk of putting readers of this blog’s posts through uncomfortable reading experiences while these essay posts are still quite the mess of notes, I do apologize for. Readers might be faced with: hard to follow wording, erroneous seeming-implications followed by inconsistency at seeming-reversal, and more oddities while reading someone else’s brainstorming prose.

Benefits of Writing Transparently

The great benefits of writing transparently are regularly boosting fulfillments in delivery to readers, globally, and for me personally, providing me with mental awareness of imminent review by readers, which also greatly boosts writing quality while preparing for each next update to weblog post(s).

Frontiers of Contribution to Customers

Regarding the Future
future moment a millisecond ahead (stock agency photograph)

The result of using this open-view-editing style, is the establishment of immediate archival of each improvement to the essay writing process, as published for maybe centuries ahead, regardless of death or accident or delay, with each blog update to this living and breathing essay project, toward a potential future published tome of paper bound format. Any future paper bound book published in future years, would likely be selected by me to have the same title as this blog.

Essays Planned for Book Chapters

My plan is that upon eventual finalization of the text of these essays, and small adjustments to format appropriate for book copy, than I will likely be publishing paper copies and e-publications, under the self-publishing multiple media arts publisher Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC (my solopreneur company). The timetable for publishing might be most likely, but not assuredly, in late 2021 or in early 2022. As planning now stands, after paper copies and .epub copies are designed and ready for print and distribution, those copies will only be produced in reaction to orders being made before print/copy, relieving my company of financially costly overhead to stock up large quantities of book copies, as was done just two decades ago before online services developed, such as Lulu is thus far my service of choice, through which I plan to have copy, print, and distribution done by, though using my own company publishing entity to be presented as “Talon 38 Personal Media Books”. Additionally, I do plan to maintain this weblog (or blog) to match the book closely, and adjust this online site to support and embellish the books themselves, as a convenience and privilege I would like to provide to those who feel this essay collection and eventual book to be of personal value and cultural merit.