Project Frontiers

Since January 11, 2019, this essay blog project’s mission has been to globally promote reading toward better understanding of imperfection and flaw, initially by way of publicly available blog upkeep, and subsequently by way of conversion into a lengthy book for posterity.

Scientific Development Mission Criteria

Scientific phenomenon features – governed by imperfection and flaw natural science principles – are to be incepted, designed, revised, explored, explained, and codified as initial proposals of scientific principles made available for peer scientist review and optional independent furtherance by peer scientists.

Lifestyle Development Mission Criteria

Daily human personal living features – greatly effected and benefited by aspects of reality which are guided predominantly by the many flaw and imperfection powers imbued in all things – are to be discussed, debated, delved into, and related to truisms of philosophical Zen Buddhism, philosophical Tao virtues, philosophical naturalism, philosophical realism, and philosophical humanism. These truisms sometimes are to be summarized or formalized, but also can instead be merely hinted at by way of thoughtful inconclusive and wandering discussions, of either telling or intriguing considerations to real living of life. These truisms are to benefit the reader’s quality of life in the realms of: equitability of judgment; contentedness of outlook; mindfulness of situation; agreeability with self; wellness of frontiers; aspirations toward attainment; readiness for dissatisfactions; adoption of flexibility with optional and maybe fleeting results ahead; and appreciation of indeterminacy in its creation of surprises ahead.