Foremost Scientific Law

The concerns and features of a potential new Natural Flaw Law canon would describe those features in nature that govern and make impossible the attainment of infinite perfection in this universe.

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Much of the exploration of imbued and intrinsic impossibility by flaw law could feasibly, to me, be begun by exploring nature’s aspects which are governed by entropy’s behaviors and existing wealth of textual educational lore. The attainment of entropy reversal, reference time, in this universe, and more such impossibilities, could be explored as to operative interrelationships and partial differential relational proportionalities behind them, rendering each attempt at entropy reversal (measured with an abstract mensuration notion, termed time) to be impossible. Other impossibilities in nature, selected by the interested person for his or her consideration, are better guided by referencing personal years of experience in hour-by-hour personal life, since a young child, to limit and guide educational and vocational knowledge. Through imagining the great many things that are actually impossible, flaw can be likewise explored. (The proposal that “anything is possible” is incorrect, and is merely a platitude bound to in time disappoint and have detrimental effect upon the so advised.)

Concerning these impossibilities, anyone could in time flexibly and optionally study, and maybe become very confident in, nature’s features which in very long terms do prevail, but only after periods of scattered individual strife and maybe sometimes even travesty, if infinitive perfection is chased, in many societal, personal, interpersonal, scientific, or engineering efforts.

The foremost power of Flaw Law gladly does impede with great impedance: any human initiative from taking protective or preventative roles away from that which is already imbued and interlaced in the fabric of nature, and intrinsically – but not intuitively, is in no need of reinvention.

Continuing, any well-scoped development of this potential new Natural Flaw Law would be guided by, and also indicate – by textual illustration: the dangers to quality of life to individuals and societies, of being ill-armed with Flaw Law exposure and material of self-educational value. Such danger could be to me, be a major factor in recent histories seeming to me to have been instigated by perfectionistic decisions having been made in technology, government, services, and other – organizational project management. To which recent historical decisions does this pertain, you might wonder. It is unsure to me, just how many organizational policies on widespread personnel this might apply to, but I suspect that many of the worst performing decisions are due to this flaw law aversive decision style. At larger scales, potentially to my very limited and guessing observations and assessments, much of the societal lockdowns globally due to COVID-19 virus coming on the scene in the spring of 2020, seem very overreactive and overly bank-vault security obsessive, and might have possibly been the fault of organizational contingency reaction planning that long beforehand, by many years, created strict guidance for rote procedures without flexibility, and being required of government and commercial trade organization personnel.

To my doubt and considerations, did some among the wealth and extent of recent histories cases of such managerial decisions accidentally and unintentionally involve, largely unbeknownst to the good people making those decisions and those supporting them with advice, the pursuit of designs and policies too dependent upon the enforcement of impossible pushes toward infinite perfection, or placing socioeconomic or engineering demand upon equipment or societies unknowingly aimed at infinitive perfection?

A purely notional ultra-wide canon of Flaw Law could in time be explored, with personal documentation of the considerations in each precept realm, (in my case only, traceable in this weblog) and there for self-education of any person freely, in keeping with maximal flaw style effectiveness, though formal mandatory educational programs would also be wise to provide basic coverage, with attention to insufficient elucidation, as well as the standard attention aimed to avert overly indoctrinating one and only one final summary rule, by delivering various competing theories in the realm of flaw. Actual Flaw Law would be in notion the way in which it really works, behaves, and is in nature presently, as you read. Theories on Flaw Law that are elucidative and contain conditionals and exceptions are safest to read, whether agreeing, disagreeing, or left wondering. Equations often fail to describe the real nature of the real scientific laws, and can instead be used as signposts in the hunt for textual word logic explaining operative mechanisms, rather than mathematical calculator guidelines, which are often best left to the realm of mere tools for process mere necessities, rather than containing much inherent ability to explain.

Returning to this weblog’s place in all this, actual Flaw Law’s impact on natural behaviors in all the sciences and arts are to be explored and elucidated for reader’s educational value and peer review, by being coalesced and honed in upon, from my many years of informal notions and feel for flaw intuitive personal insights, as well as my many years of experience with aeronautical engineering efforts.

Primary sciences whose scientific operative mechanisms might be most heavily founded and governed by the herein to be explored Flaw Law textual logical behavioral precepts include: ecological, economic, geological, biological, manufacturing, sociological, technological, electrical, aeronautical, mechanical, structural, nuclear, managerial, and social contract theory governmental.

About the author

Patrick Lee Cheatham is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain, a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, and is presently a self-employed solopreneur, as Media Artist for Talon 38 Personal Media Single Member Limited Liability Company (SM-LLC). Patrick’s personally valued and enjoyed activities are quite varied, yet nearly all coalesce in some manner, and at some time phases, with heavy desktop personal internet client computer usage, and with continual self-invested sense of eventual delivery of authored media to others for their enjoyment, empowerment, or valued utility. Patrick remains responsible to his officer oath of office, as do all retirees. He possesses the U.S. Air Force Research and Development badge, and the U.S Air Force Pilot badge, from service as an airframe-propulsion integration engineer, and as an F-15E evaluator pilot.