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All textual content contained in this blog’s posts and on pages is defensible against plagiarism and commercial usage.

Understanding Copyright

Copyright is established by U.S. legal codes for any sufficiently unique original material, of small essay length or more. Casual personal copy, such as collecing newspaper clippings for personal reference or scrap booking, is the reader’s right, while of course not acting to engage in false pretense of being the original author of those copies.

Plagiarism Reference

Only plagiarism, for purposes of authoring an original composition of writings (ranging from formal articles to social media posts) while unfairly using the exact wording patterns from this weblog, of entire compositions of singular very unique sentences, or conventional multi-sentence or paragraph sized excerpts from this blog post, is illegal. Arriving at new ideas from this weblog and subsequently discussing or writing of very similar notions is not illegal, and is not plagiarism. MLA Handbook style credit is a reasonably and humbly fine way to copy and use my text compositions, very much like for a high school or college literature paper or report.

MLA Handbook style rules concerning types of quotation and paraphrase requiring references to sources, in order to not infringe by way of plagiarizing, applies firmly to all weblog posts and pages on this website, depending on how another author plans to use or leverage this author’s ideas and word compositions.

For Personal and Professional Usage

If the reader has personal, or vocational or educational interest in independent writing to further similar or contrary ideas to those conveyed on this weblog, then similar subject matter is permitted and not any violation of copyright, trademark, or patent. However, direct quotations or lengthy paraphrased alternative versions do require referencing this blog as a source, especially if a reader of this blog were to present the same word choices in his or her own writings.

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