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Book Project I

Natural Flaw Law Hypotheses

Partial and Very Incomplete Rough Draft

Book Project II

Applications of Natural Flaw Law

Concept under Consideration – not Available Presently

Book Project III

Realistic Humane Flawism

Concept under Consideration – Not Available Presently

Book Project IV

Mathematical and Conceptual Model Limitations

Concept under Consideration – Not Available Presently

About the Four Book Projects

  • Rough Pre-Draft Book Projects
  • Aiming to Improve the Sciences
  • Aiming to Develop an Adjunct Philosophy Building Block Idea termed “Flawism”
  • Aiming to Critique Idealism and Perfect Thinking in Science Education
  • Aiming to Curb Unfounded Idealistic and Blind Placement of Mathematics above Natural Phenomenon, above Real Observation, and Scientific Method of Reasonable Applicability of Scope, Domain, and Range
  • Aiming to Contend with Theoretical Physics Theories that are based in Excessive Time or Size Extrapolation, with those Deemed Invalid, and Suggesting a Return to Unknown Status
  • Preferring to Stand Ready, as Bookseller Referenceable, and Publisher Viable for Centuries of Posterity
  • Conceived to be available in textbook sized hardback, printed with archival quality paper and premium binding
  • Conceived to be available in .epub eBook file format
  • Conceived to be self-published by Talon 38 Personal Media, leveraging Lulu.com for copy, print, and distribution

Renditions of Chapter Material are Fledgling and Unpolished

Presentation and elaboration on natural flaw law, centered around scientific hypotheses definitive summaries and compelling postulates, is the topic area of one book project. Derivative or resulting flaw scientific assessments abound beyond that first book, and many conventional assumptions of contemporary societies and sciences can be illuminated in the light of flaw law, which is the role of the second book project. Humanistic and less scientific matters of sentiment and disposition are within the role of the third book project, aimed at developing a robust flaw natural philosophy, which I’ve termed flawism. Lastly, I argue against much of the wanton and unthinking blind trust of mathematics, logic, and concept sets, in cases that are so very many, when these tools should not be manipulated and fancied over, if not tied well to natural phenomena. The fourth book project takes on that role of critique of irresponsible and misleading mathematics and concept usage.

* At present, only the first book project is developing in conceptual explorative structure and organization. Even this first book is thin on content and analysis, as of June 2021. My writing during much of 2020 and 2021 thus far, has coalesced nearly solely as articles on a story writing and reading service, rather than in this independent website framework, and the stories became organized as my own commercial publications concerning varying subject areas. The best refined and readable, plus relatable, flaw law sciences material is still not yet transferred from those articles.

However, there is much refined and near-finalized in interpretation. The visitor to this website can read ahead at what is to come in these four books, by accessing the stories at:

Flaw Law Sciences

and at:

Flaw Tao Zen.

Additional story and article publications, collected elsewhere and not of this website, do not cover Flaw Natural Law as the previously mentioned two collections of articles do. However, readers who might wish to contribute with supportive critique and suggestions, can discover more to my developing and growing writing style, by accessing the stories at:

► Hidden Flame Liberty,


Brain Commentaries,

or at:

The Independent Software Engineer.

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